Tire Vehicle Dynamics

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Dr. Saied Taheri

Dr. Thomas Fleischman

Dr. John Ferris

Dr. Joseph Walter

Dr. Ron Kennedy

Jim McIntyre


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Who should take this course?

This course is designed for engineers working in tire and automotive industries and for undergraduate and graduate students studying and researching any topics related to tire and vehicle dynamics, such as tire modeling, vehicle handling dynamics, understeer, tire finite element modeling, rolling resistance, footprint mechanics, etc.

How many hours of lectures there are?

The course contains 6 modules (please refer to course syllabus for details) each of which has 4 hours of recorded lectures. Therefore, to watch all of them, it will take 24 hours.

What if we have questions about the lecture materials?

If you have questions about the lecture materials, you can forward those to v3tinc@gmail.com and one of the instructors will answer your questions.

What are the prerequisite for this course?

This course uses basics of engineering, dynamics and mechanics to demonstrate the interaction of the tire with the road and generation of forces and moments due to this interaction, how tire materials can affect this dynamics, and how footprint shape and pressure can improve vehicle dynamics balance. Students taking this course should have an engineering background.

What are the backgrounds of the instructors?

The instructors are all experts in their own respective field with extensive industrial/academic experience (please refer to their respective resumes).

Is there a corporate rate?

Depending on how many students from a single company are taking the course, the discount amount will be different. Please use Contact Us page or send an email to v3tinc@gmail.com for the rates. 

Flat Trac Tire Dynamics Testing